Field Laborer

Job Summary

Join our team as a Field Laborer and contribute to the successful execution of construction projects. As a vital member of our crew, you will perform various manual tasks such as digging, lifting, and moving materials. Your hard work and dedication will ensure the smooth operation of our job sites, making you an essential part of our mission to deliver high-quality results.

Responsibilities & Duties

  • Perform physical labor tasks as assigned
  • Assist in setting up and maintaining job sites
  • Transport materials and equipment
  • Follow safety protocols and procedures
  • Work collaboratively with the team to meet project deadlines

Requirements & Qualifications

  • Ability to perform strenuous physical tasks
  • Willingness to work in various weather conditions
  • Basic understanding of safety procedures
  • Strong work ethic and reliability
  • Previous construction experience is a plus

Benefit Package

Temcon Concrete is an Equal Opportunity Employer offering a generous benefit package